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Wardrobe Building: Secrets of stylish women!

by Julie Sammon |

Have a wardrobe that looks spontaneous, effortless, like you just threw it all together without even thinking!  Remember, it's not about the size you wear but how you wear it!  

A couple of things to know:

Always dress in 3's (unless you are wearing a dress of course).  You will ALWAYS look more pulled together when you are wearing a jacket or cardigan.  It's an effortless habit that makes a world of difference in your style factor.

Don't be afraid of the tailor!!  Clothes that fit and flatter will be your go to piece time and time again!  Remember....clothes are made from generic patterns...women are not!!!!  Sometimes we need to alter our clothes so they fit and flatter!  Another side note: don't fret the size!!  EVERY designer runs a bit different!!  Don't get hung up on either of these things or you will close yourself off to all the amazing fashion choices there are!

Invest in good jeans and tees.  These are the pieces you wear over and over again!!!  I always say, it is better to have one pair of $100 jeans that fit great and make you feel good then to have 3 pairs of $30 jeans you don't love!  And when it comes to TEES there is a clear difference between a $10 tee and a $40/$50 tee!  Shape and fit are what makes the difference between looking stylish or looking frumpy!  

GOOD IDEA!!!  Each season pick a color palette (or two) and build your wardrobe around that color.  It will give you the biggest bang for you buck and the most options when creating outfits!

ACCESsORIZE:  Always make an effort to have a little (or a lot) something on!  Accessories are the easiest way to change the look of an outfit or breathe life into last year's selections.  If you don't like to change your accessories...remember's probably the reason you envy your stylish friends or pictures in magazines or on social media!!

So what does a wardrobe pyramid look like?

At the top of your pyramid is your layer piece.  Your jacket or cardigan.

The next level of your pyramid are your bottoms:  for every jacket or cardigan you should have at least 2 bottoms that coordinate.

The next level of the pyramid are your blouses and basic tees.  You should have at least 3 that coordinate back to the jacket/cardigan and those two bottoms so that you can mix and match each top with each bottom plus your layering cardigan/jacket.

The next level is accessories/shoes/handbags.  These are what help you change the look of each of the outfits you can put together!

NOW, when you go back out shopping you can pick some printed bottoms that go back to your jacket, or perhaps another jacket or cardigan that also goes back to those original bottoms and tops.  Not to mention it will be easy now to purchase additional tops that coordinate back to the original jacket/cardigan!! 


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